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The HousingIQ/Kentucky REALTORS® Confidence Index is a composite measure that captures Kentucky REALTOR® expectations about the housing market over the next twelve months. It is derived from three sub-indices – Price Expectation Index, Buyer Power Index, and Homeowner Stress Index. A value of 50 corresponds to respondents anticipating no change in market conditions over the next twelve months. A value of 100 corresponds to all respondents agreeing that market conditions will improve.

The Price Expectation Index reflects respondents’ perception of future home price trends. The Buyer Power Index gauges the balance of bargaining power between buyers and sellers. Derived from questions that measure the anticipated change in distressed sales, delinquencies, etc., the Homeowner Stress index measures the the unfavorable financial situation of homeowners.

Monthly Archives

Kentucky housing market to hold steady say KY REALTORS. Low housing supply and demand from investors to keep prices stable. More »

Kentucky housing market steadies say KY REALTORS. Investor demand to keep housing market strong as price growth slows. More »

Kentucky housing market continues to cool down. Buyers willing to wait as sellers adjust pricing. More »

Kentucky housing market hits the brakes. Sellers to cut prices as houses stay on the market for longer. More »

Kentucky housing market stabilizing. Buyers willing to wait as price growth expectations abate. More »

Kentucky home prices leveling off. Increased price-cutting by sellers as homebuyer enthusiasm tempers. More »

Kentucky housing market to slow down. Houses to stay on market for longer as buyers adjust to the post-pandemic world and reluctant sellers return to the market. More »

Kentucky home price growth to moderate on low inventory. Opportunity for single-family rental investors as first-time buyers get priced out. More »

Kentucky housing market roars into spring. Hot seller’s market to worsen buyer affordability challenges. More »

Kentucky housing market heats up. Houses to sell faster as foot traffic picks up. More »

Kentucky homebuyers grapple with affordability as homeowners confront financial uncertainty. More »

Kentucky home price growth to moderate as buyers get priced out of the market and sellers pull back because of economic concerns. More »

Kentucky housing market cooling off. Sellers reducing prices amidst concerns about COVID-19 resurgence and priced out buyers exiting market. More »

Kentucky housing market showing early signs of cooling. Houses anticipated to stay on market for longer as fewer houses expected to sell above asking price. More »

Kentucky home price growth to moderate. Bidding wars discouraging buyers. Potential sellers opting to refinance. More »

Kentucky home price growth to moderate. Potential sellers held back by inability to buy another home. More »

Kentucky homebuyer enthusiasm to push prices higher. Slower pace of new listings forcing bidding wars. More »

Kentucky homebuyers bid up prices as sellers hold back. More »

Kentucky homebuyers retreat as sellers hold firm. More »

Home sellers take wait-and-see approach as buyers discouraged by stock market correction. More »

The HousingIQ Survey of Kentucky REALTORS® is administered monthly to the Kentucky REALTORS® membership. The responses are analyzed and reported as the HousingIQ/Kentucky REALTORS® Confidence Index. The Survey is sponsored by Kentucky REALTORS® as part of its mission to educate and inform the public about Kentucky’s Housing Market. Founded in 1922, Kentucky REALTORS® represents over 12,000 REALTORS® who are involved in all aspects of real estate. For additional information, visit

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