HousingIQ: Fact-based, actionable insights about the housing market

What we pay for a house is determined by a myriad of interconnected factors–how much we make; how we feel about the future; the state of the economy; the availability of properties for sale, …. Aggregate indicators reflecting these factors are routinely published, duly reported, and oftentimes present contradictory signals. Making sense of them is hard. All we want to know is: How will this impact house prices?  And pretty please, How will this impact house prices in my backyard?

By applying econometric and machine learning techniques to factual data curated from public and proprietary sources, HousingIQ™ computes the impact of prevailing economic conditions on future house prices—nationwide and in over 400 metro areas.  Every month, HousingIQ™ publishes:

HousingIQ™ helps buyers and sellers answer the question: How will these economic conditions impact house prices nationally and in my backyard? These timely, granular, and fact-based insights give residential real estate lenders and investors an edge in underwriting, risk assessment, portfolio management, and investment decisions.

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