HousingIQ: July 2019 Housing Market Vitality Highlights

Housing market vitality stable.
Economic conditions support recent trends.
Prices forecasted to deteriorate in 4% of markets.

The US Housing Market Vitality Indicator (HMVI-US) decreased by 0.25 point to end July 2019 at 105.8. The negligible 0.09 point three-month decrease and 0.10 point year-over-year decrease indicate house price trends will sustain in the short term. Market strength continues to be widespread with local economic conditions exerting a positive impact on 386 out of the 402 metro housing markets (96%) tracked by HousingIQ. July 2019 ended with house price changes in 133 metro markets (33%) forecasted to outperform the national market.

July 2019 closed a negligible 0.10 point lower than a year ago. Recent house price trends will sustain in the short-term.

July 2019 continued longer-term trend of an increasing number of metros outperforming national market.

Reversing recent trend, in July 2019, 4% of the metro markets are forecasted to suffer price deterioration.

Forecasted performance

Trailing 12-month performance